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What makes Excellence In Printing, Inc. a great company?

Commitment to
Quality and Service

    Excellence In Printing Inc. is committed to providing the best products to fulfill their customers needs. All materials used are of high commercial quality. Every customer receives the same high quality treatments to ensure that their job is the best it can possibly be. The average employee who works on any given job has a minimum of 5 years in the industry. No excuses are offered, the goal is clear, get the job done right the first time and on time!
    Material considerations are very important. The customer does not need to be oversold on fancy papers and expensive processes. Once the needs of a customer are established, the right material for the job is suggested to maximize performance of the product used by the customer. High resolution film output and metal plates are standard on all jobs. Image quality is the main goal on all jobs produced by this shop. The craft of fine printing is still practiced here. Its only "good enough" if its right! - It will be straight, the colors will look great and clean!
    Good service is key to a successful business relationship. The customers ideas, needs and opinions need to be accommodated as much as possible. Customer involvement is vital in making any project a success. The customer has an obligation participate by proofreading and making sure that all required elements of the job are communicated clearly to the print shop. Assume nothing and never be surprised or disappointed. Customer satisfaction is attained when the job does what is was intended to AND looks good doing it.
    Education is an ongoing event at Excellence In Printing, Inc. There is always something new to learn. Keeping up with the rapid development of software is an ongoing endeavor. Not only does the current graphic software need to be managed but the ability to deal with customer furnished electronic files from several different programs needs to be dealt with successfully. In addition, new press & reproduction technology is becoming available every year. It will be learned and utilized to bring even more options to the customer.