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Full Color Printing

    The term full color refers to a printing process that uses the process colors Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Black inks to simulate full spectrum color. This process is achieved by using 3 different options.

Color Laser Printers - This uses a color toner to print out on demand sheets, It is a true "push the button & paper comes out" process and is good for short run (less than 500) runs. Drawbacks are: Slight tradeoff in color depth and a fixed per unit cost (price does not drop with higher quantity) & limits on sizes & paper types.

4 Color Presses - These machines are traditional presses that print the 4 process colors on a wide variety of sizes & papers. Benefits: Pricing per 1000 sheets drops dramatically on higher runs, Registration & Color accuracy is the best, many different papers & sizes can be used. Drawbacks: 1st 1000 sheet sheets are relatively expensive due to involved machine setup costs & Inks need to dry before the sheets are handled and finished.

Digital Color Presses - These are presses are the newest thing out. These machines use ink like a real printing press and can accurately reproduce sheets in good registration/color accuracy. Also the set up is streamlined by using a computer controlled plate system built right into the each of the 4 color head of the press. This means no film is required & no metal plates are required which saves 50% of the setup cost. This brought the full color market to most people who were left out before due to price. In order to accomplish this some jobs are ganged (run on same sheet as another job), and there are some limitations: Using non stock papers and sizes forces the price up by eliminating the gang run option and all color is Process Color not spot color (E.g. spot color: green ink printed with green ink not simulated with cyan, yellow and a little black). Also these presses do not do solids as well as the large presses.