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From a basic beginning...    

    Excellence In Printing, Inc. was founded in 1984 as the Katzakian Printing Company. The business was begun as a "production only" facility that relied on clients to provide the "camera ready" materials to be reproduced. Concentration was placed on camera, press, & light finishing work (trimming & basic folding). Eventually, an artistic element was added in the form of manual layout and photo typesetting services to create the mechanical artwork that was to be reproduced thus allowing a greater range of clients to be served.
    In 1990, the business was sold to employees who operated for a few years only to be the victims of a bad economy and rapidly changing technology. As it turned out, the computer changed the whole nature of the printing business. It made high end 'layout and design" available to the whole industry, therefore giving any shop, who could afford the equipment, software & skilled people to operate it, the ability to make more money and monopolize clients by keeping them out of the expensive professional designer market. Those without, were doomed to lose their customers to those that did.
    In 1997, the business was purchased by the current Owners Tom & Kerri Spitaleri. Tom brought with him 11 years of technical and mechanical knowledge in the printing industry as well as a working knowledge of most reproduction techniques in use today. Kerri brought with her 7 years of freehand artistic ability and computer layout and design skills.
    Today, Excellence In Printing Inc. uses state of the art computer technology along with talented press operators and finishers to provide fine quality printed materials AND electronic artwork that are used and produced all over the United States.